Spitz Prize

April 8 - April 10, 2005
Columbia University, New York, NY

Co-organized by
David Johnston and David Armitage

Co-sponsored by
Columbia Center for Law and Philosophy (Jeremy Waldron, Director), Columbia Ceminar on Political and Social Thought (David Johnston, Chair)


The subject of this conference will be the state and, more specifically, state centrism. The conference will bring together specialists from several fields to ask whether (or not) the state has been too central to inquiries in the human and social sciences and, if it has, how it came to be so and what consequences that centrality has had.

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2010 Spitz Prize

Sharon Krause
Civil Passions
Princeton University Press, 2008

The David and Elaine Spitz Prize

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Augustine and Politics as Longing in the World
John von Heyking
University of Missouri Press, 2001

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