Spitz Prize

David and Elaine Spitz Prizewinners (1988 - Present)

2010 Sharon Krause for Civil Passions

2009 Richard Bellamy for Political Constitutionalism

2008 Martha Nausbaum for Frontiers of Justice

2007 George Klosko for Political Obligations

2006 Sheldon S. Wolin for Politics and Vision

2005 Ira Katznelson for Desolation and Enlightenment

2004 Nadia Urbinati for Mill on Democracy

2003 Mark Warren for Democracy and Association

2001 Thomas Spragens for Civic Liberalism

1999 Richard Dagger for Civic Virtues

1998 John S. Dryzek for Democracy in Capitalist Times

1997 Mark Kingwell for A Civil Tongue

1996 William E. Scheuerman for Between the Norm and the Exception

1995 John Rawls for Political Liberalism

1994 George Kateb for The Inner Ocean

1993 William Galston for Liberal Purposes

1992 Charles Anderson for Pragmatic Liberalism

1991 Robert Dahl for Democracy and Its Critics

1989 Richard Flathman for The Philosophy and Politics of Freedom

1988 Joseph Raz for The Morality of Freedom

Note: No prizes were awarded in 2002, 2000 and 1990.

2010 Spitz Prize

Sharon Krause
Civil Passions
Princeton University Press, 2008

The David and Elaine Spitz Prize

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